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Process Automation

ITM together creating the next
ITM together creating the next

The core aspect for Dual Bobbin Feeder integrated with robot is full automation of the process from automatic feeding bobbins and then paper ribbons from the bobbin unwinding position until Makers, Filter Makers, Combiners or Crimpers. To achieve the above-mentioned goal, the Dual Bobbin Feeder Module uses the following process:

The stack of bobbins set on pallet or trolley is delivered manually or automatically to the docking station and precisely placed in dedicated location.
In case the stand is not equipped with automated “Barcode and bobbin orientation identification scanner”, before above action an operator should check correctness of bobbins’ barcodes by means of handy barcode reader as well as bobbins’ orientation on the pallet. If equipped, the procedure is as described below.
The arm of robot pickups the bobbin from pallet and transports it to the “Barcode and bobbin orientation identification scanner”, where the bar code and bobbin orientation correctness are checked (option).
If the verification is successful, the bobbin is transferred to bobbin changer and placed on the head staying in the loading position. If bar code is incorrect then bobbin is returned to “Incorrect bobbins storage area”. Later on, after operator verification it can be added to the system (option).
Next, the robot arm grabs the tip of the ribbon of the new-applied bobbin and guides it to the drive roller where the ribbon is captured, fastened and waits for splice operation.
When the level of the currently using paper is getting “splicing point”, the ribbons splicing operation takes place.
The paper leftover is wound on a collecting roller, removed by the robot arm, and transported to the paper leftover bin. Likewise, the empty bobbin ring is removed by the robot arm and transported to rings bin.
The new bobbin is moved to the working position.
Unwinding speed of paper ribbon is fully synchronized with down-stream machine’s demand for paper and protected from breaking by follow – up system consisting of servo motor and paper tensioner.
Between bobbins’ replacement operations, robot builds the temporary buffer of the CP and TP bobbins to ensure continuous process during replacement of empty pallet with new one.

Process scheme

Fully automated process
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